MAGIC USA, INC. is a global Private Investment Platform established in 2016. Through its unique business model, it strives to add value to its investors by identifying and curating deals across the globe and across domains and currency and asset manage them till exit. Investments are made in a combination of deal by deal or through SPVs and Funds. Investors get ample opportunity to co-invest at a deal level depending on perception and evaluation of deals in terms of risk and liquidity.

MAGIC USA, INC. will thrive by staying maniacally focused on investors. In order to deliver predictable and superior risk adjusted returns, we work hard to identify and engage in partnerships with global leaders and sponsors of significant repute and domain expertise and we build enduring relationships with these partners gaining access to hard to get deal flow. MAGIC USA, INC. will follow a platform ( marketplace) approach to deals and investors and build an ecosystem across different channels. We are an All Stars team.


At Magic we work relentlessly to provide you with unrivaled investment opportunities available across the global markets.

Growing since 2016
100mn+ Invested so far
15 Exits with 22% IRR
1000+ UHNI Investor members


Moonbeam is a distributor of public market products which are focused on quant-based strategies that uses machines and pre-programmed models to invest in select stocks, currencies and commodities eliminating the human bias and subjectivity while making such selection.

Magicturtles is a digital platform that brings to you exclusive private investments from across the globe. For retail investors looking to dabble in the private markets, they are almost impossible to reach. Magicturtles breaks these barriers all at once! We help you develop a diversified portfolio of private equity investments with as little as USD5000, no matter where you’re located. Magicturtles is an affiliate of MaGiC USA Inc., a global private investment platform. Through Magicturtles, you can now get the same opportunities for investment in bite sizes.


Magic is maniacally focused on investors and their financial wellbeing.


Magic is your go-to place for globally diverse private investments.

Build a diversified portfolio alongside trusted VC funds, UHNI Investors.

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