Global Investment Product Segments

MAGiC has access to attractive, Institutional quality deal flow in India, USA and Europe. We are looking forward to diverse our portfolio across geographies for better risk management and better long term positioning. Currently we manage and continue to explore investment investments in USA, India and Asia Europe. Structured investment with a capital protection outlook is fundamental to MAGIC Investment Thesis. We typically invest in Private Equity and Structured debt with capital protection covenants like High security cover, Preferential right to exit, Part convertible notes etc. While doing so, we strike a fine balance between the investment return and capital protection.

Magic’s focus is optimising risk adjusted investor returns over a period of time. We encourage investors to make bite sized investments in a portfolio of curated assets across Countries, Currencies, class of assets and categories( domains). We curate deals and we manage your portfolio of investments till exit.

MaGiC Quant

Magic invests in algorithmic trading in stocks, currencies and commodities. Quantitative investing is a form in which investment decision or the stock selection is done according to predetermined rules based on a statistical or mathematical model that eliminates human bias and subjectivity. Proprietary mathematical models to take advantage of market psychology and generate alpha through an algorithmic and machine-driven investing approach to public market products. 100MM+ order data points. Back testing capability on 10+years of historical data.

MaGiC Realty

Magic invests in core-plus, value add, and opportunistic commercial real estate assets producing steady cash flows and attractive risk-adjusted returns. With a deep network of experienced Real estate investment partners, Magic has direct access to proprietary deal flow. We have invested in over 40 transactions in Multifamily, Hospitality, and Senior Living delivering over 22% IRR in dollar exits on Pref Equity deals. By providing consistent and more predictable cash flows, Real Estate deals act as natural hedge to tech investments that tend to return lumpy returns. Normal playground: USA and India

MaGiC Techspace

Magic invests in growth-stage tech companies alongside the top VC firms. Magic curates to provide priority access to leading technology investments from the vast network of our investment partners. We typically invest alongside global best PE and VC firms on the same terms as the big guns. We like deals where exit is planned within a max 4 to 5 year time frame. We have had extraordinary success in several tech deals with some deals delivering over 50% IRR. Normal playground: USA and Israel.


Magic provides flexible, long-term capital to businesses backed by strong corporate groups, with sustainable growth potential. We invest in firms with strong Management capabilities and those who are pursuing growth opportunities by enhancing competitive positioning, increasing operational efficiency and expanding sales and marketing efforts. Focused on cross border deals.

MaGic Fund

Provides an opportunity to invest in a group of Pre-IPO companies through a fund structure along with top VC funds providing flexibility to investors from evaluating specific deals, diversification, steady cash flows and capital preservation. The Fund is domiciled in Mauritius and invests in Cayman and USA.

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